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Privacy Policy

About this Policy

The Privacy Act 1988 requires entities bound by the Australian Privacy Principles to have a privacy policy. This privacy policy outlines the personal information handling practices of Calibre Country Firearms. Calibre Country Firearms employees, and prospective employees should request a copy of the Calibre Country Firearms Human Resources Privacy Policy.


Calibre Country Firearms respects an individual’s privacy, and employs strict measures to protect the privacy of those who we interact with. This policy describes how we handle personal information, to provide you with confidence when making the decision to purchase, trade, or work with us.

By visiting our store, our website you agree to the terms of this privacy policy.


During the conduct of our business functions, and activities, we collect, hold, and use personal information under the Australian Information Commissioner Act 2010 (AIC Act), the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act). Our functions, and activities include:

- Retail, and wholesale trade of firearms accessories;

- Running of our company website;

- Conduct of research and development; and

- Communicating with shooting enthusiasts via other websites, or social media.

Collection of personal information

To enable us to offer exceptional products, and services, and to comply with Government legislation, we collect personal information from you. We only collect personal information, via lawful means, which is primarily when you give it to us.

Personal information collected from customers, partners, or suppliers will vary, depending on the circumstances and can include any, or all of the following:

- Name

- Date of Birth   

- Postal & contact details, including social media

- Bank account details

- Purchasing, or advertising history

- Company Name, and ABN

- Driver’s and Firearms License Number, Categories, Expiry & State

- Web pages viewed, time on page, & next page visited, and originating IP Address

Collection of sensitive information

In certain situations, we may need to collect personal information from you, this can include license association memberships and criminal history.

When personal information is collected

Calibre Country Firearms will collect personal information directly from you, when you:

- Register for a user account on (our website);

- Visit, and/or, purchase from our website, or retail store;

- Advertise a used firearm, or accessories for sale online, or in print magazines;

- Discuss, or comment publicly on industry forums, and print magazines;

- Conduct our firearms training courses through us; and

- Contact us via phone, fax, or email.

Website Collection

When you register on our website, you provide us with your personal information to aid us to fulfill orders, and satisfy legal requirements. You are provided with an option to register a “user name”, which will provide you a degree of anonymity.

We use analytical tools, including Google Analytics, to help us understand website traffic and webpage usage. Google Analytics does not identify individual users, or associate your IP address with any personal information held by us, or Google. Google stores analytical data on servers outside of Australia. We encourage you to read the Google privacy policy, by visiting our site you consent to the processing of your analytical data by Google.

Our website may provide you with links to other websites. We are not responsible for the information handling practices of those websites, we encourage you to read the privacy policy of the third-party website, to allow you to make an informed decision prior to interacting with them.


Our website uses cookies to provide you with a personalised website experience, a faster delivery of information, and the most relevant content possible. You may block cookies by choosing the setting on your web browser. If you do select to block cookies, some functionality in our site may not function correctly.

Email Lists

We collect your personal email address to assist us to communicate with you. We use your address only when you provide us with it, along with your permission for us to contact you. We will add you to email list communications only when you request. You are provided an opportunity to opt out in the footer of all list correspondence.

Social Media

We communicate with shooting enthusiasts via social media, such as facebook, twitter, youtube, and Instagram. We collect only essential information from you to allow us to communicate with you, or to assist with your enquiry. We encourage the use of pseudonyms when communicating on social media, and will never request identifiable information from you via a public internet space.

Collection of publicly available personal information

We collect limited personal information from you, when listed in the public domain. Information is collected from places such as industry forums, online classifieds advertisements and industry print magazines. The information enables us to source new products, tailor our current product lines, and prices, and supports our stock purchase forecasting.

Point of Sale Collection of Information

When you visit our store, and wish to purchase a firearm, or ammunition, we will record your personal information in a NSW Police hard copy register, as well as relevant sales information within our Point of Sale system. When conducting a non-restricted purchase from us, we will collect only essential information to enable us to conduct the sale. In-store credit card processing is made possible by a secure merchant facility provided by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), no credit card information is stored on site. Website merchant facilities are provided by PayPal and the CBA; both applications direct the visitor to a secure environment to conduct the transaction; no credit card details are stored on the Calibre Country Firearms servers.


Common situation where we will disclose your information are detailed below.

Sharing of personal information overseas

Your personal information will not be shared with any overseas organization without a properly issued, lawful request, such as a search warrant, or court orders, from an Australian court with appropriate jurisdiction over the server location, and the data sought.

Sharing of personal information to Law Enforcement Agencies

NSW firearms legislation states that hard copy registers are maintained at our licensed premises. The personal information contained in the registers is shared on request, with the NSW Police Firearms Branch. Outside of Firearms Branch requirements, or inspections, we share personal information when we are legally instructed to do so by an Australian court.

Sharing of your personal information to your nominated firearms dealer

When you purchase a firearm from us, and you do you not reside in NSW, legislation requires that you nominate a licensed firearms dealer so that we can transfer the firearm to that dealer, for you to collect. When we transfer the firearm, we will disclose your name, and preferred contact details as provided by you, so that the dealer can inform you of the firearm arrival.

Rights and choices

You have the right to request access to all personal information, which we have collected from you. To request the access, please contact the Privacy Manager, at any of the contact methods listed below. Your request will be treated with confidentiality.

How to make a complaint

If you feel we have not handled your privacy information appropriately, you are entitled to make a complaint. Your complaint must be written, and sent to the Privacy Manager at the below listed address. The most senior Director, who is not a subject of the complaint, will investigate your complaint.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome, your complaint can be directed to your State or Territory consumer protection agency, or NSW Police Firearms Registry.

Contact details

You can contact us by:

Telephone: 02 6762 5318